Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Always a kid, even when I've just made my first deposit on an apartment...

It’s finally time for me to move into my first apartment. My boyfriend, Alex, and I are pretty excited. I'll be getting some moving boxes early tomorrow morning (I hope) from King Soopers so we can start a-packin', though we won't move for several days.

And alhough we’re becoming big adults now, I still plan to have lots of fun on hey, if not for, what would I post here? Things like my Viking cow will still pop up all over

And I’ll surely remain nostalgic with blog entries like the one I wrote about the Strawberry Shortcake Dollhouse I had when I was little and my continued fondness for the video game Super Mario Brothers.

I hope you'll log on and let me know who your favorite Super Mario Brothers characters are and how you manage to still remain a bit of a kid, too!

Thanks for the read.